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As Bull Ltd. is one of the trading companies I manage based in Bulgaria, Dimitrovgrad 6400. The company's activity is related to the trade in fertilizers for agriculture. Our company is one of the largest consumers and distributors on the market of nitrogen and complex fertilizers in Bulgaria. The experience of our company leader in this market is more than 16 years. The volumes that we sell annually are about 600-900 thousand tons of granular fertilizers of different types (nitrogen and complex) in Bulgaria, the main share being nitrogen - urea. Other main markets are on the Balkan Peninsula. We work mainly with farmers and a number of traders. We sell our products in countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia. In this connection are our plans for development and increase of the traded volumes of fertilizers in other countries in the region. We have established relationships and contacts with large consumers of fertilizers and in this regard our desire is to increase the traded volumes of fertilizers as we have a real opportunity to reach 4,50-7,50 million tons of urea granulated per year and more. We need a reliable foreign manufacturer and / or supplier of fertilizers at a good price and quality to overcome the dependence of our competitors in this industry. In this regard, we need a serious supplier and trading partner like you to meet our needs. We currently intend to carry out our first joint transaction for our client on the Turkish market.


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