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The guys of the South American Rugby Union will start a new competition named Junior de Rugby, a competition with 5 levels, from Junior A to Junior C, the first teams to play the first match will be Júnior A and Júnior B. It will take place every year, in January, to give a football step to the young players. It will begin the year of 2012, and will last for five years. The competition is chaired by Ricardo Orellana, Juan Hernández and Alberto Romero, the Farc will be responsible for the technical aspect of the tournament and the presence of each team will be one of the referees of Farc. The Junior's A teams will be qualified to Farc's competitions (Campeonato Nacional, Torneo Nacional de Rugby, Campeonato Córdoba and Torneo Córdoba), the teams from Junior B to Junior D will be the teams that played in the Premier of Cordoba, have a chance of qualifying for the Farc's competitions. The host club for the Junior C will be in the Cordoba. The type of competition will be that of rugby sevens with a game of eleven minutes and there will be two sevens a week. Each team can have eight players and only four players will be substitutes, only two teams will be allowed per match, so teams must play at least two matches. "The Junior de Rugby is a new opportunity for the young athletes of the cities of Argentina. The Farc with the help of the companies of the rugby family wants to see that the players who show great potential, have another opportunity and be part of the sport. And if the result of these matches in the end of the year proves to be positive, we can develop and improve to improve the quality of the competitions," they say in a press release on the website of the Farc. The first competition will be "Charcutaria" from April 8 to 9, when the teams will play in the city of Córdoba, followed by a meeting in the Argentine capital on June 1, in the city of Buenos Aires. Friday, July 22, 2011 Uruguay is on the road to World Cup qualification, but if the team could have a goalkeeper that can stop the ball from coming in when it's not even needed, they would have a comfortable time. It happened in the game against Chile, who




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