Our skilled financiers, lawyers, customs brokers and experts in the field of logistics supply adjusted to the end with precision. As a result, the buyer receives a high quality product at a low price.

The rapid and steady growth of Alahram Agricultural Trade has enabled the company to target new markets and customers in the local and global market to heavily invest in new opportunities in line of business. Our capabilities have ultimately exceeding to our customers’ expectations and have helped us to achieve an extraordinary customer retention tract record.

As the vision continues to unfold, Alahram Agricultural Trade is positioned to meet challenges of the future with the strength and power of the entire team. Excellence in products and services is our reward lo our clients is committed to continuously provide high quality products that, consistently satisfy customers requirements and expectations.

Utmost care & control being exerted for product, safety, right from the purchase and acceptance of the raw materials till the supply of finished goods to the customers. Customer focus and to provide the requirements beyond their expectation are the main objectives of the company. The company strives to maintain its market dominance through effective control of operations and activities.


Our company has representative offices in the world such as Russia, Germany,Austria, Netherlands, UK, USA, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia and other countries, which are ready to help our the client at any time.

Thanks to an extensive network of sales offices and highly skilled traders, ALAHRAM GROUP almost instantly able to sell the products anywhere in the world and delivers the goods without any problem and the good price.

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