Our work procedure:

For the beginning of negotiations. We need to get from the buyer Irrevocable Confirmation Purchase Order (1CP0) with indication shipping details, name of goods, etc. as well as the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation;

  2. The document confirming the authority of the person to negotiate;

  3. Memorandum or protocol on the appointment of the CEO – Director or chairman, and a copy of his passport.

  4. The company charter (memorandum – if available) of subsequent amendments and additional (all pages);

  5. Summary of company;

  6. Banking proof of funds to pay for the goods in any movement term (BANK REFERENCE, POF etc.)

  7. Account, statement.

  8. If the buyer buys the goods under the contract JV have to provide a copy of the contract, (the first, and last, page).

(Remember, in order to move quickly we start negotiations; you must to give a full set of documents. In response, we will send a confirmation (FCO) of readiness to make the delivery).


  1. Buyer and Seller shall agree on the terms of delivery and payment, terms.

  2. Seller makes changes and additions to the draft contract, and sends to the Buyer for review.

  3. Buyer is exploring a model contract within 3 international banking days and sends its amendments, if any (the amendments are to be marked in red).

  4. Seller is exploring, as amended by the buyer within 3 international banking days, and agrees to sign a contract

  5. The parties sign the contract, and appendices.


  1. Buyer issues seller’s bank financial instrument (guarantee of payment for the goods) in accordance with the contract

  2. Seller starts to deliver the goods to the Buyer under the contract.

  3. After loading of goods in railway wagons (tank) or ship Buyer’s Bank receives shipping documents and an invoice for payment, Within 3 international banking days.

  4. After receipt and verification of shipping documents Buyer’s Bank pays for the shipped consignment, Within 3 international banking days.


  1. Seller notifies the Buyer in writing of the arrival of the goods at the destination station or the port of unloading.

  2. The buyer confirms in writing the willingness to accept, the consignment.

  3. Buyer makes final payment for the goods delivered under the contract and its annexes.

  4. The buyer receives the goods from the Seller and the Buyer becomes the owner of the goods. Within 3 international banking days.

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